Making Progress on the Pretty

A quick update to let you know that I’ve made some cosmetic and functional improvements to this blog.

Finally got the comment display tweaked — that’s been bothering me all week. I’d like to figure out how to make my responses to comments look different, but that’s a task for another day.

If all goes as planned, Twitter and Facebook will now automatically let you know when I add a new post  — like this one (conveniently, it’s a test too). And it should be easier to find & follow me (notice the colorful icons at the top of the sidebar?) and share posts (using the little icons below), if you’re so inclined.

New things I played with tonight were editing .php files and installing WordPress plugins and API keys. Self-five!

Is it really past midnight already? Did I forget to eat dinner again?

Look for a new substantive post tomorrow.

Posted on Tue, 05 Oct 10, at 01:06 am.  •  Filed under about this blog, creativity / design.
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2 responses to “Making Progress on the Pretty”

  • judi:

    To have your plugisn work better, download free WPplugins Intense debate That will take care of having your comment different than the readers.

    Also the styling of the comments is very much a part of each them. So you may want to change your theme to get better functionality closer to what you are looking for.

  • kate:

    Thanks Judi. It’s been a while since I’ve tended to my blog. This was my first delve into WordPress so I could familiarize myself because it seemed it could be a good solution for some clients.

    It feels kinda like a garden I’ve been neglecting. Especially juggling both a day job and still taking on client projects. Some day I’ll get back to tweaking. Glad to have your suggestions when that time comes!

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